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Empowering Kids to Learn about STEM through Exciting Gaming Experiences

Empowering libraries to offer engaging coding experiences for kids, featuring Minecraft adventures and block coding classes.

Bringing the magic of coding to libraries with our versatile program, catering to young learners through Minecraft and block coding options.

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Basics of Minecraft Coding

Basics of Minecraft Coding

Create your own Minecraft mods! Test, play, and share on a server by yourself or with friends. Develop the ability to engage in logical thinking.

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Python for Beginners: Dive into Coding with Confidence

Python for Beginners: Dive into Coding with Confidence

Students use the fun, interactive CodeCombat game system to learn Python, one of the easiest, most popular computer languages in the world.

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Hi! I'm Mike Blackwell. I am a 20 year veteran educator, studied at Linfield University where I earned a B.A., and I also earned my M.A from Pepperdine University.

In our commitment to expanding young minds, we offer live, interactive online classes across the United States for introductory coding courses, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all.

We actively promote and collaborate with libraries to host coding events, providing students with enriching opportunities to learn and grow within their local communities.

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If you can learn one coding language... you can learn a new one. He's really enjoyed it.


I want to code my own games. You jump into it... We're actually in the coding... It's really fun.


Mike taught my kinesthetic, dyslexic, science-minded son during a summer camp. It was an excellent experience.


It's fun... The game itself is a fantastic way to learn code. There's tremendous amounts of jobs and opportunities.

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Code Knights offers great online classes for kids wanting to learn coding. I highly recommend.


Mike is gifted helping students master the subject. All this and he is also one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.